The Short Version

Amza Media is not another basement shop that churns out stock designs. (Unless requested. Additional fees may be applicable.)

The Longer Version

Established in the summer of 2008, Amza Media is a one-stop studio for all things visually and musically inspiring. It is here that ideas are carefully refined into elegant, yet functional design solutions.

The Amza muse is beautiful British Columbia, where nature's best, diverging cultures and jaw-breaking styles collide to produce a spectacular energy. It is this energy that feeds our creative souls.

Amza Media is directed by Marian Zamfirescu, creative soul and digital wizard. With Character Animation education from the Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound (now the Art Institute of Vancouver), Marian has over eight years of professional and personal experience in digital arts, photography and music composition.

With a true love of all visual and musical art forms, Marian and Amza Media refine ideas with elegant efficiency. At Amza Media, art becomes communication.

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